Carol Caputo


Artist Statement

As long as I remember, I have loved and taken an interest in nature. My mother, too, loved all of nature, and she shared that love with her children. She taught us the names of all the tropical plants there in South Florida. She taught us to name and to recognize the native birds, too. She passed down that love of beauty to me. From a very young age I appreciated God’s beauty in His creations. I am nourished by flowers, beautiful vistas, trees, birds and other wildlife. I wished to capture these images in my own small way. I turned to my brother-in-law, a professional photographer. He got me started in this desire, as he recommended my first camera and gave me my first photography lessons. Oh my, what a good friend that Pentax became! Over the years, it traveled with me to so many places, and with it I captured so many beautiful memories. The Fairfax Art League has allowed me to share these photos with others. I hope that they bring to you, and all those who view them, an appreciation for our beautiful world, and all our Creator has given us.