Artist Statement

Showing your art and looking at art is so different and even personal for so many.  Through the years of painting in watercolor, I have mostly tried to show work that brings pleasure, memories and even tells a story, not just my own but maybe the viewer’s.  Many artists like to make a statement with their art or convey feelings other than happiness or contentment.  This is art that is also much needed.  Art is history.  But, for me, the use of color, planning and strong composition to draw a person into my painting, is what I have always tried to achieve.  I love looking at other’s artwork, too, since I believe it all comes from within, sometimes deep down, and can change the way one looks at things in life and even inspires.  I hope my paintings can do that!


Donna Finnegan is a watercolor artist and has been painting for the greater part of her life.  She attended the University of Minnesota and Inver Hills community college in St. Paul but the workshops and courses taken from other excellent artists has proven to be the most valuable with the instant critique and guidance.  She is a long-standing member of the Fairfax Art League and Potomac Valley Watercolorists.