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Art Show Reception with Featured Artists Carol Caputo and Marlene Farmer

Old Town Hall, 2nd Floor
3999 University Dr., Fairfax

Show Reception: Photos Galore

Featured Artists: Carol Caputo and Marlene Farmer 

Two accomplished photographers will feature their work during this two-month show. 

Carol Caputo began her journey with photography in the '70s. Her only instruction came from her brother-in-law, a professional photographer, who recommended the right equipment and provided basic information. Her photos are made using film and her subjects are mostly from nature - flowers, trees and water scenes. Carol also has a love of architecture and enjoys photographing various styles.

Marlene Farmer works in oils, Chinese brush painting, and for the last 20 years, in photography. She says all her photos are unenhanced; she does not use any digital methods - not even cropping - and believes a photo is one moment in time that will never be again. Her photos chiefly chronicle her travels and she most loves her wildlife photos. Some of her photos have been published including her stag photos in Scottish Fields magazine.